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La prasline


In the seventeenth century, Bordeaux rebelled against the royal power. In 1649, Marshall Du Plessis-Praslin was sent to Bordeaux to try to calm tensions. The inhabitants of Bordeaux closed the doors of the city and refused the presence of Marshall. He spent some time in Blaye and thought about preparing a gargantuan dinner in order to seduce the slingers. Lassagne, Marshall's cook, concocted almonds browned un sugar. These sweets were served at dessert with great success. The guests called them of the name of the marshall.

The prasline is a peanut coated with caramelized sugar. It was proposed by Marshal Plessis Praslin to complete a gargantuan meal. Indeed, the Marshal was sent to Blaye in 1649 to negotiate with the "rebellious" of Bordeaux.

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