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Sale terms and conditions

Participation to one of our visits, services or packages implies full acceptance of terms and conditions of sale indicated below which complete or derogate the general conditions of sales given to the client prior to those below.

ARTICLE 1 : Prices.

For all day services, the prices are indicated per person.
For visits only, prices are indicated per person except for the “guiding package” which includes the guide and the group.
Those prices do not include the cost of transport which is subjected to a different pricing.

ARTICLE 2 : Reservation.

The reservation is validated after the Office of Tourism has received the signed cost estimate, and the deposit mentioned on the cost estimate.

ARTICLE 3 : Payment of balance.

The balance for the services provision must be paid at least 7 days before the starting day of the services.
If, in the course of services provision, other non-included services are ordered by the client, they will be invoiced as supplement.
The provision of services will be considered canceled, and with no reimbursement, when the client has not paid the balance in due time.

ARTICLE 4 : Late reservation .

In case of a reservation made less than 30 days before the starting date, payment for the total balance is required at the time of reservation.

ARTICLE 5 : Cancellation.

Every cancelation must be notified by writing and will ensue cancelation fees as follow:
– More than de 30 days prior to the starting date: no fee.
– Between the 30th and the 15th day prior to the starting date: 40% of total price.
– Between the 14th and 7th day prior to starting date: 75% of total price.
– Less than 7 days prior or in case of unnotified absence: 100% of the total price.

ARTICLE 6 : Modification and interruption of the services.

In case of interruption of the provision of service by the client, no reimbursement will be due. The client can not modified the provision of service unless there is a prior agreement with the Tourism Office.
The costs incurred because of a modification which has not been accepted by the Tourism Office is entirely the client responsibility. Hence the client can not demand reimbursement for services paid since their provision has not occurred due to a modification. In case of the modification of essential parts of the provision of services before the starting date by the Tourism Office, the client, after being informed by writing, can: either terminate the reservation and be reimbursed the totality of what is already paid or accept the modified provision of service. The acceptation of modifications will be implied automatically if the client does not notify the Tourism Office acknowledging the written notice about the modification. In case the number of participants on the starting date of the provision of service is less than the number reserved, there will be no reimbursement nor modification of prices if the Office has not been informed by writing at least 7 days prior to the starting date.

ARTICLE 7 : Insurance.

Clients are responsible of all damages occurring through his/her fault. We recommend clients to subscribe to a traveling or vacation insurance.

Financial Guarantor:
Insurance for professional civil.

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