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Vacation book: summer with family

Keeping the children busy in the summer sometimes proves to be a real headache, once you have visited the playgrounds around your home. Not easy for you either, dear visitors who have made the choice to spend your family vacations with us, where you do not yet have your little parenting habits. How to combine a visit of the territory with walks in the great outdoors, without seeing sulkiness or boredom settling on their little faces? Additional
constraint: how to combine the educational with the pleasant, once the schoolbags have been put away for two months in the closet? Whether you are a resident looking for ideas for summer outings, or passing through a tribe,
large family or single parent, our made in BBTE vacation book is made for you: forget about consoles and other screens is guaranteed!

We review History : a day in Blaye
Castles, battlements and fortresses: this is enough to make children love History! The Citadel of Blaye is a site particularly appreciated by families, thanks to the vast green spaces pierced here and there with old stones suitable for hide-and-seek and other outdoor games. On the program : a visit in the company of a guide, or a free and open-ended puzzle hunt thanks to the “Robin tracks”, a quiz to be picked up at the Tourist Office to visit the Citadel
like a treasure hunt. After a good swallowed up ice cream at Lilly à la Vanille in the Citadel, head to the Lacs du Moulin Blanc leisure area (15 km from Blaye) to recover from your emotions … or simply live from others. In the middle of the pines, swimming is supervised in summer (be careful not to take your eyes off the little ones), and the youngest will learn to ride a bike without a wheel, this is the ideal place!
Citadel of Blaye : free access.

Biology : a day at Terres d’Oiseaux.
It’s still nicer to learn about flora and fauna in full immersion, isn’t it? In Braud-et-Saint-Louis, an incredible bird sanctuary of over 120 ha in the heart of the marshes along the estuary awaits you: Terres d’Oiseaux. Get ready to share some curious nature experiences with your family! On the program, bird observation with a telescope, a narrated visit by naturalists for the youngest ones, nesting box construction workshops or even a “young adventurers day”, where children will learn to get by in the middle of nature. How to make a hut and a bow, make a fire, use a compass, or even find your way in the forest by following the clues left by our animal friends… The teenagers will be able to participate in an escape game at the entrance of the site.
Plan the picnic or book your lunch at the Table du Marainaud restaurant, because you will need the whole day there! Each summer, “Califourchon” educational mini-farm is set up in the marsh to complete your family discoveries. Cuddling goats and pony rides will conclude this 100% biology day.


Physical laws : a day in Saint Savin
Balance, calculation of forces and discovery of the law of gravity: head to Parc Nat & a, one of the HQs for children of all ages. Tree climbing is the site’s flagship activity, with courses designed from 2 years old for little ones. A real joy ! After a morning of fun and surpassing oneself, head to the Rialto in Saint-Savin to reward your little estuarine Mowgli by tasting a good homemade pizza. If ever they haven’t spent enough energy between the trees, a park with a playground awaits them a stone’s throw away, in front of the Town Hall.
To make your day a perfect day during the holidays, nature guides organize activities on different sites around St Savin for children from 5 to 12 years old : a treasure hunt in the forest in St Yzan de Soudiac, or creative activities at the fishing pound of Moulin de Charlot or in Laruscade. The main idea is to encourage children to observe and listen to the flora which surround them, and the fauna which lives here. Developing their creativity, by toys building with natural components, monsters to accomodate in the hood or other fireflies’ net.
Physical laws will be tested thanks to an educational method.
–Fishing introduction
–Fireflies net production
–Toys production
–Storytelling walk on bats : infos & booking.

Math exercises : a day in Bourg
How many strokes will it take you to put the golf ball in the hole? And for older children, how do you calculate the trajectory of the small projectile to reach the target as quickly as possible? The tourist office of Bourg Cubzaguais developed an oddball idea to visit the medieval village of Bourg and make an activity attractive : City Golf. The village is traversed with a club in hand, through 10 holes, dispersed from tourist spots to unusual places. Often much more skillful than parents, little ones will never have been so excited about a cultural walk. The holes ? They are artificial, but also sometimes naturally nestled around a corner of a street …
After a picnic in the gardens of the Citadel of Bourg, and a dive in the swimming pool, the finely hidden mathematics exercises continue at the Moulin de Lansac: after a visit of the active site, leave with flour made in BBTE and revise the proportions by baking a delicious cake for breakfast the next day. At the end of the day, break at the nautic base of Castor Wakepark in St Laurent d’Arce for a pedalo stroll with sunset on the lake.

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