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V80 : one of the most beautiful bike roads in France.

This is a real summary of the most beautiful in France… A 700km bike road, linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Méditeranée, we call it ‘Canal des 2 mers’. People from Gironde who we are will tell you that there is a difference between the sea and the ocean. But the path is so wonderful that we forgive them for this vagueness. Especially when an entire section of the route offers the territory of Blaye Bourg Terres d ́Estuaire on a plateau (at high speeds).

It is one of the most popular French cycle routes for cycle tourists. And for good reason: its layout is as exceptional as it is affordable for all levels. 700 km in total through 7 departments, divided into 32 steps from Royan to Sète (6 sections). Your two wheels will not believe their eyes (and vice versa): the crossed panoramas are breathtaking. First the ocean then the Gironde estuary, the largest in Europe. Next comes Bordeaux vineyard, the most famous in the world. Then, the majestic ramparts of Carcassonne, before taking the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (17 UNESCO sites along the route). And what about the Etang de Thau, on arrival?

100km of happiness in Blaye Bourg Terres d’Estuaire
The V80 crosses the Gironde very widely, from Vitrezay to Bordeaux along the Gironde estuary, most of it in the BBTE area. Two sections roll out the red carpet with little queens: 39.44 km from Vitrezay to Blaye (allow around 2h40) and 60.92 km from Blaye to Bordeaux (a little over 4 hours of wheel turns). From vines to forests, from small fishing ports to Verrou Vauban, the itinerary is a treat … Our suggestion: do it over 2 days and sleep in Blaye, to fully enjoy the charms of the area, and not count your photos stops, tastings and visits.

Main steps :
– Start : Vitrezay. This is the boundary between Charente Maritime and Gironde. The port is wonderful !
– Terres d’Oiseaux : the birds are hidden to feed themselves, observatories will allow you to see some of them with the binoculars among the 130 species which are
passing through the site all along the year…
– Blaye : the citadel, defense jewel of Vauban will be your award. Your visit of the monument is a must-see. Already gone ? Come for a visit by the underground…
– Plassac : the mosaic country! Gallo Roman villa shows well conserved vestiges
– Flowered Corniche Road : on one side, troglodyte houses. On the other one, gardens on carrelets. Be careful of cars on this section, because your eyes will take the risk of being lost in this breath of rural charms…
– Bourg : a “glass of wine with a wonderful view on the rivr Dordogne” stop is highly recommended ! Go to the wine house of Bourg !
– Prignac et Marcamps : did you know ? Here we find an ornmented hole, from Aurignacian era (oldest than Lascaux caves) : Pair-non-Pair Fascinante…
– St André de Cubzac : beautiful typicall village where you will find the French art de vivre, where Commandant Cousteau was born.
– Cubzac-les-Ponts : it’s time to whistle for superstitious people : crossing of the Gustave Eiffel bridge is coming in !

All along the path, shops are labelised “Accueil Vélo”.
Restaurants, accommodations, places of visit : this certification label guarantees a welcome of good quality for all cycle tourists along the road (always less than 5 km from the official road). For example, the presence of a bicycle park in labeled tourist sites, or even maintenance equipment in accommodation.
Our 5 favourite sites on BBTE :
●Terres d’Oiseaux in Braud et Saint Louis for an observation stop.
● Château les Chaumes in Fours, for a tasting stop and a picnic by the winemaker
● ”La Sauvageonne” guest rooms in St Palais for a green night.
● The tourist office’s electric bikes in Bourg, for an easy discovery, with the hair in the wind.
● Port of Blaye and Blaye Lamarque by boat, for an escape to Médoc, in front of us.
● VELADOM in St André de Cubzac for a last minute fixing.
More informations on Canal des 2 Mers trip : informations.

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