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Pic-nic break with view

On the right side of the biggest European estuary, the relaxing and picturesque points of view come one after another and do not look alike. 9 sites are specially set up with benches, explanatory panels or picnic tables, to take benefit of each place creating a “window on the estuary”.
Take sandwiches, lemonade and melon balls: we give you our 12 points of view to have a picnic break, with view on the estuary, from Cubzac-les Ponts to Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde.

Important : please, respect the health measures and barrier gestures put in place by the authorities and recommended by health professionals during this period of deconfinement. So, if it turns out that a place has been already occupied and / or not large enough to allow a distance of several meters between visitors, direct your choice to another site (the shore is long, everyone will find something for them !). Leave the street furniture clean after your
departure, and do not leave any rubbish behind you (provide a small garbage bag to take it with you). Provide a mask and hydroalcoholic gel for any visit to a tourist site or entry into a shop.


Port of Cubzac-les-Ponts
A picnic area welcomes you under the Eiffel bridge. Look at this monument which was built by Gustave Eiffel himself from 1879 to 1883 whose view below looks like a neo-gothic cathedral… Destroyed during the Second World War, it was restored by his grandson. In 2018, its heritage restoration site has began with… his descendants.


The old mills of Montalon Saint-André-de-Cubzac
Just before the beak of Ambès, the coast of Montalon presents a first beautiful point of view on the river Dordogne, with the preserved towers of old windmills. This is an “artisanal heritage” from Gironde, which you will find in several villages.By the way, it looks that in the past, the violent quarrels between millers and fishermen were legions, which is not without reminding us of certain scenes from the Asterix comic book.


Port of Bourg
First panoramic viewpoint on the water, you will learn through this first window the maritime history of the mouth of the estuary. A digestive stroll in this charming medieval village, with a visit to its old washhouse, is highly recommended once the dessert has been swallowed up !

Citadel of Bourg
A picnic area was set up in the romantic garden of this monument full of anecdotes. Craftsmen and shopkeepers then await you in the upper town to continue with a shopping stroll.

Corniche road
The intimate friends of this winding circuit going from Bourg to Villeneuve also call it “the flowered corniche road”. Because over several kilometers, it separates on one side cliffs and cave dwellings from their gardens. Gardens for the most part have their own carrelet (square fishing house on the estuary), which makes the setting particularly cute and typical of the estuary. Stop with view: in Furt, a table awaits you, as well as explanatory panels on the
estuary’s ecosystem.

The funny cubes of Vitescale
Have you opted for a romantic bike ride along the estuary? Here, benches await your tired calves for a relaxing break with a few snacks. Large blocks of stone coming straight from the quarries of Bourg seem to run aground on the shore, to better tell the story of this tender local stone to visitors.

The little patio of Chateau Eyquem
This is the confluence of two rivers, at the edge of an outstanding chateau which is overlooking the open sea. The wind rose was installed with an orientation table to survey this superb estuary while better understanding its history.

The pontoon of Roque de Thau
23 meters of overhang on the water, undoubtedly one of the most appreciated windows… As for information on the panels installed, it is the art of local fishing that is in the spotlight!
Picnic tables will welcome you and your food on the site, or further along the banks if you take a stroll (highly recommended!) along the estuary.


Port of Plassac
Plassac, nested along the estuary of Gironde, is a town of mosaics. In the first Century, a Gallo-Roman villa was built; you can still see some decorations. Strolling in the streets, take a look at the contemporary mosaic work, created by Emilie Baudrais, art worker who you can visit in the downtown, and the inhabitants : a boat in the port, a point of view on the seawall, a picture close to the museum and another one next to the tennis court. Plenty of banks with a view on the estuary and pic-nic tables on the port will welcome you for a relaxing stop.

Citadel of Blaye
On the parade ground, where the old monastery of Minimes was located, or on the grass, you will have the choice to be in a quiet place to put your tartan tablecloth. Some shops in the citadel are still closed, but do not hesitate to support shop workers who are open (do not forget your mask). We recommend delicious ice-cream from “Lily à la Vanille”.

Port of Belle Etoile in Saint Androny
Lost at the world’s end, in the marshes, with your family, your friends or romantic… For an afternoon, stop the crazy time, to stay in a quiet place with local products.


Port des Callonges
The carrelets draw themselves along the riverbanks, where plenty of birds are flying in the sky. On the picnic area, or well installed on the riverbank, observe this typical port of the estuary, so quiet that we don’t think that soon, thus quiet waters will be in the Atlantic Ocean. High of 10 meters, a tower presents you with a panoramic view of the estuary and its hills.

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