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During Spring, sweet temperatures come back with long strolls for you and your family, your friends or alone.
Take your cap, clean your baskets, fill your flask, it’s time to revitalize yourself in the open air!

Verdant space : Haros trek with your family
Between the vineyard and forest, for a digest walk or real trek, it’s for all trekking lovers.
I prepare my walk :
I take : my walker friends or my family on the green path (18km soft elevation gain).
Tip : two regional paths allow you to go through and shorten the walk.
You are alone ? We suggest you a walking playlist !
I recover : my hiking maps at the Tourist Office of Latitude Nord Gironde, located in Saint-Savin, or I download them online.
I make sure I have : water and something to eat, because we are away from everything (any supermarket if you are thirsty), binoculars, for the panorama

1) Start in Saint Yzan de Soudiac.
Charming little village to smell the soul of an area. To see : the Roman church from Century 12th.
To listen : « La maison près de la fontaine » by Nino Ferrer and « Les Trois Cloches » by
Edith Piaf.

2) Between vineyard and forest.
This is the landscape which fills out and deploys its first tones.
On the side of the hills, the vines (Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux) sunbathe on the small valleys. Take benefit of the alternation between the meadows and the unforgettable view on the landscape and the private groves, where the perfumes of wet ship’s apprentice are mixed to the perfumes of hardwood bark… The little path cut through this landscape to join the step 6.
To listen : “The four season” by Vivaldi.

3) Chateau Robillard.
As you start to go away from the city, a nice fifteenth century manor stands out of the landscape, with its cherry-red shutters. Nowadays, it is a shool of music. Take your time to lose yourself in the park which now welcomes a LPO sanctuary and a playground for little hikers. Out of the ordinary : the 300 year old plane tree of Robillard presides over a close place.
To listen : “Quiet Forests” by Rameau.

4) Port of Plagne.
The perfect picnic stop, with a view on the river Dordogne ! If the fully food commercial boats leave their place to the pleasure boats, the place didn’t nor its dynamism neither its splendour. Out of the ordinary : it is the place where we find the oldest bak fire in Gironde. Still in service since 1877, it is turned on every night.
To listen : “Toucher l’horizon” by Oxmo Puccino.

5) Chateau l’Insoumise.
Several lifes since the seventeenth century… It could be named “Chateau Calypso”, because Commandant Cousteau’s family was the previous owner before two young oenologists who were decided to put the vineyard in the new generation of winetourism. You would like more wine ? Leaving a little bit the path, visit Chateau Jacquet and Chateau Saincrit.
To listen : “Sur le pressoir” by La Tordue.

6) Montalon Hill.
This is your reward : in the middle, of old remains of wind mills from century 13th, weigh Dordogne Valley up from one of the most beautiful belvedere.
To listen : “Les Moulins de mon coeur” by Nathalie Dessay and Michel Legrand.

An inhabitant suggests you a romantic break at Moulin de Charlot.
Maëva, a young sales assistant, left Bordeaux and came to live in Laruscade. In the BBTE area, she discovered simple walks, close to her house. She gives you one of her firm favourites for an unusual walk : Moulin de Charlot in Marcenais is a wonderful place to take a walk by day or by night. Twilight visits in the nature (from 8 to 10pm) are sometimes organised, including on bats*. I really advise you to follow these visits!”
*twilight visits in september.
Undergrowth, pond, between water and greenery, take a walk in the woods while the rain is not there … and enjoy a good snack provided by you.
PS : the site is an ideal place for the lovers who are looking for a piece of paradise where we can lay our tartan rug for a pic-nic on Sunday, and where we can bill and coo…

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