Here, wine is always on our tables! Only a few kilometers from Bordeaux, it is very difficult not to seize the opportunity to uncork a good bottle and share it for an aperitif or a good meal with friends!

Meetings around the table

If you are passing through our beautiful destination, want to know better the passionate work of our winegrowers but also discover the products of our region... we have what you need!

The winegrowers : What if you shared a meal with a wine grower? There are many in our region to offer you this meeting that is off the beaten track! After a visit to the wine estate, take a seat at the table for a friendly meal… and the promise of a good time.

A few hours later, you will leave the estate satisfied... with good wine, good food, and information on the crazy adventure that is wine production!

The 10:10 a.m. : Even more authentic than a meal at a winegrower's table... it's the sharing of a real 10:10... the winegrower's essential snack! A few slices of fresh bread, oysters, cheese and why not, a little country pâté.

We simply enjoy ourselves, without fuss, and we take the opportunity, of course, to taste the wines produced on the estate! White, red or rosé, we assure you that you will find what you are looking for.

Fabulous food and wine pairings : Don't be afraid to open the doors of our restaurants to taste local cuisine, but also discover food and wine pairings expertly created by our chefs! Rather meat, rather fish, rather white, red or rosé...? Leave it to the experts!

What do we like about our winegrower meetings?

Obviously the friendliness, sharing and warm welcome from our producers! And then... listen to each winemaker tell us about the uniqueness of their profession, their history and their winemaking techniques which allow them to produce a unique wine, which you won't find anywhere else! With us, each estate has its character, each bottle bears the signature of its creator!

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