In the territory of Blaye Bourg Terres d'Estuaire, a tasting visit is never an ordinary moment! Whether you are a novice or an expert, don't miss an opportunity to discover the history of the castles in our region and the passion that drives our winegrowers and makes each of our appellations so unique!

The meeting with the winemaker

In our wine châteaux, the main thing is not the majesty of the buildings, but the meeting with the winegrower. Here, there is no conventional welcome from wine tourism professionals. It is indeed the winegrowers themselves, who live and work on these estates, who welcome you!

Prepare your visit!

Anticipate your visit by booking your tasting visit in advance, so the winemaker will be able to welcome you in the best conditions and answer all your questions. For each visit, allow between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes!

On the path to the vineyard

Your tasting visit will begin with a proper exploration of the vineyard! From the rows of vines to the vat cellars and barrel cellars: the winemaking techniques used by the winemaker will (almost!) no longer hold any secrets for you.

More than just the transformation of grapes into wine, it is also the know-how, the philosophy and the approach of the winemaker that you will discover throughout your visit!

Guided tasting

Once the visit to the estate is over, the adventure continues in a tasting room with the winemaker. White, red or rosé, you will discover all the nuances of the wines for an average price between 8 and 15€. This unique experience will teach you to appreciate the color, tannins, fat of wine and much more. Online booking makes organization easier and guarantees a tailor-made experience!

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Wine Houses

The Maisons du Vin de Blaye and Bourg are also a gateway to discovering the vineyards! Sold at the same price as at the property, the wines here constitute a vast selection that you can discover during free or paid tastings. However, your experience will not be disconnected from the winegrowers and their land. On the wise advice of the passionate experts of the Maisons du Vin who know each winegrower, each vineyard and each appellation in the region, you will have the opportunity to discover beautiful gems selected according to your tastes!

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