Take advantage of your next getaway to Blaye Bourg Terres d’Estuaire to discover the three renowned appellations of our destination: Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, Cotes de Bourg et Bordeaux-Bordeaux Supérieur !

If the master grape variety remains Merlot and red wine is especially in the spotlight at our destination, there are however a large number of creations outside the appellations, made from old or foreign grape varieties, or even as single varietals.

The sandy or clay-limestone soils as well as the vine cultivation methods create a varied palette of flavors which all demonstrate the same know-how!

Red and white terroirs

Our vineyards are influenced by the Gironde estuary.

We love simplicity and friendly moments!

No more inaccessible collectible wines kept for years while waiting for THE big event for which you will finally uncork your bottle. Above all, you will find fabulous value for money with wines that we like to taste during a frichti with friends or a relaxed meal with family. In your glass as around the table, simplicity and authenticity are essential!

When it comes to wine, you have to know how to put pleasure before prestige.

No judgment here. Whether you are a simple amateur or an experienced oenologist, conviviality and sharing are part of the DNA of our territory. The estates open their doors to you for tasting visits, during the winegrowers' "guelets" or the 10:10 a.m. (those early aperitifs that we love!) We nibble and taste good wines while listening to the winegrowers talk about their philosophy and their vision of the profession.

We celebrate our land!

Open Doors, Blaye Wine Spring et Local Night in Bourg , Wine in the City or even the Blaye Wine Marathon which bring together more and more oenophiles over time are moments of sharing and create beautiful memories!

Visit the cellars

Many winegrowers welcome you to the property!

We can see all the talent and passion of the winegrowers!

Behind every bottle lies an exciting challenge. Family wine properties passed down over time carry with them ancestral know-how that each new generation perpetuates… and reinvents!

Aging of wine in amphorae or under the sea, storage in old cognac barrels, biodynamics: winegrowers have no shortage of ideas to adapt to developments in the modern wine world and explore new avenues for creating wines of exception !

Together, let's preserve the future of this profession of passion!

The spearhead of French gastronomy and excellence, wine is an integral part of our history and also makes us proud beyond our borders! This is why cherishing our terroir and supporting the passionate winegrowers who contribute to its reputation is everyone’s business. At the Blaye Bourg Terre d'Estuaire destination, meeting renowned appellations, we favor a true and authentic relationship with our winegrowers and winegrowers and we consume local and responsible!

They welcome you to the property:

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Cots Castle

Chateau Eyquem

Château La Braulterie

Blaye Wine House

Chateau Marquis de Vauban

Castle of La Grave

Chateau Bel-Air La Royere

Solidarity Castles

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