A major Vauban site at UNESCO

The citadel of Blaye is today, within the Network of major Vauban sites, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Verrou Vauban. Marked by the history of France and by illustrious figures, it invites you to discover magnificent panoramas of the largest estuary in Europe, the Gironde, and to spend there why not a romantic stay for two.

It preserves intact the defense system put in place by Vauban with its 1,5 km of ramparts, its gates and its underground passages as well as the buildings necessary for the proper functioning of a garrison: former convent, prison, barracks, powder magazine, etc. 1 500 soldiers at the time of Vauban, more than 30 hectares of fortifications, the citadel of Blaye perfectly bears its motto: star and key of Aquitaine. From the song of Roland de Roncesvaux to the cap of General Bugeaud, the rocky promontory chosen by Louis XIV to build the citadel has always played an important role in the history of France.

Citadel of Blaye

The Blaye citadel offers exceptional panoramas over the Gironde estuary

Blaye was solid, a place which held Guyenne and Gascony in check.

The citadel promises you a pleasant stroll through its streets to meet its artisans, restaurateurs and traders. do not hesitate to follow one of our guides to understand its entire history and penetrate its underground passages.

Citadel of Blaye

How to visit the Blaye citadel?


Visit of the citadel via the underground passages

A guided tour which takes you through the secret passages of the citadel and allows you to discover the defensive system set up by Vauban in the 17th century.

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Soldier's booklet

A game to play with the family to explore the citadel while having fun. Available at the tourist office: €2.


Citadel History Museum

The essential complement during a visit to Blaye and its fortress.

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Tourist train

Guided tour on a tourist train in the town and citadel of Blaye in season.

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The citadel and the Verrou Vauban

Commented cruise on the Gironde estuary in the heart of Vauban's three forts: Blaye citadel, Fort Pâté and Fort Médoc.

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The different ways to discover the citadel of Blaye

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The citadel of Blaye, practical

Opening of the Blaye citadel

The Blaye citadel is open every day all year round.

Price of the Blaye citadel

Entrance to the citadel is free.

Access to the Blaye citadel

The surrounding car parks are free.

What is a citadel?

A citadel a fortress, located near a city, serving as an arsenal and barracks and whose purpose is the defense of the city against external assaults or internal revolts, while controlling the surrounding countryside.

What can we find in the Blaye citadel?

A museum, historical panels, exhibition sites, a campsite, a hotel, restaurants, an ice cream parlor, craft and souvenir shops, picnic tables, residential houses.

Citadel and sustainable development

Help us keep this exceptional and free site intact by only visiting authorized places and being careful not to leave your waste on site.

Blaye Tourist Office

Phone: 05 57 42 12 09

Email: info@tourisme-blaye.com

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