A tourist experience between land and ocean

Much more than a tourist attraction, the discovery of the Gironde Estuary is an immersive adventure where nature, history and conviviality come together!

Observable from space, the Gironde Estuary is the largest in Europe. Its unique geography, characterized by the tumultuous meeting of the Dordogne and the Garonne, is marked by an archipelago shaped over the centuries and by constantly evolving sandbanks. On the water, from land, in sports mode or in relaxation mode, for fishing lovers or history buffs, the Gironde Estuary can be discovered by everyone, throughout the year.

Patiras Island

Unforgettable memories and a unique tranquility.

An archipelago in the heart of the Estuary

A living landscape with changing geography, the Gironde Estuary hosts an archipelago made up of 8 islands and islets.

These sandbanks, which over the centuries come together, move away, emerge from the waters or are swallowed up by them, are the guardians of a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage!

Formerly inhabited and covered with vines, these small pieces of land isolated from the continent by water have notably made it possible to preserve some precious grape varieties by resisting the ravages of phylloxera in the 19th century.

Not accessible but easily observable from the bin or whens cruises, le Fort Paté bears witness, with the citadel of Blaye and Fort Médoc, the history of the Estuary and its strategic role in the military defense of the kingdom of Louis XIV. 

At the heart of this archipelago, New Island Classified as Natura 2000, it stands out as a first-rate ornithological reserve. Visitors can immerse themselves in this preserved oasis through guided tours that highlight the rich local flora and fauna.

The island of Patiras, a 100% unusual experience

It's certain the island of Patiras let's meet you! By boat, from Blaye, you will disembark on the island at 11 a.m. for a return to the foot of the Blaye citadel at 17 p.m. In this atypical place, set in the middle of the waters, you will spend a quiet, timeless day, where the singing of birds and the lapping of the water will be your only playlist.

On the island of Patiras, you eat well…

Impossible to let you discover this little piece of land without letting you taste the best local products. Every weekend from mid-April to mid-October for individuals, and all year round for groups, the Fingertip Meals are organized by the Patiras Refuge, on the public plot of the island! Here, no lunch at the table. Here and there we enjoy healthy and delicious cuisine made from local and seasonal products, inspired by the Estuary.

…and we walk there!

After lunch, we take the pleasure of climbing to the top of the lighthouse to admire the landscape before us. Another unmissable spot, the entirely glass refuge will allow you to admire a 360° panorama of the Estuary!

Patiras Refuge

Phone: 07 49 58 63 63

Email: contact@refugedepatiras.com

Cruise from April 12 to October 13, 2024, Thursday to Sunday.

82€ adult. 45€ child.


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Cruise on the Gironde Estuary and lunch on Patiras Island

Cultural activity

Aperitif cruise on the Gironde Estuary

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Le 11 May 2024

River trip for the Côtes de Bourg Open Days

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To discover the Estuary on the water…

If the Fingertip Meals of the Island of Patiras have made your mouth water, you will certainly be tempted by aperitif cruises which offer a friendly way to discover the charms of the Estuary!

Kayak from St Ciers sru Gironde

On the other hand, if you are thirsty for adventure and thrills, it is for sure a kayak or aboard a sailing boat you will find what you are looking for! A whole range of water activities are offered to you all year round on the Estuary. The hardest part may be knowing where to start.

Last but not least… How can we not also mention the art of fishing when we know that around a hundred professional fishermen and no less than 3000 amateur fishermen share this same passion? The squares, small fishing huts emblematic of the destination, dot the banks of the Estuary and are the ideal place to practice this sport. Notice to interested beginners or experts: we practice “chance” fishing here where we cannot know or decide in advance which fish we will catch. It’s the Estuary that decides for us!

And from the shore?

For those who don't have their sea legs, no problem! The Estuary can also be discovered from the mainland, by taking the Cornich roade. This emblematic route of the Blaye Bourg Terres d'Estuaire destination guides you sometimes to the foot of the cliffs, sometimes to their summit, and offers you all year round breathtaking panoramas !

The region's economic activity is also driven by river tourism. No less than five weekly thematic cruises travel the waters of the Estuary while highlighting the region's great classified growths. From March to November, these cruises bring together visitors from all over the world, attracted among other things by the citadel and the Bordeaux vineyards.

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