Because the inhabitants of Blaye Bourg Terres d'Estuaire are proud to introduce the territory to their families and friends during their stays at home, the tourist offices of the destination (Blaye, Bourg Cubzaguais, Terres d'Oiseaux and Latitude Nord Gironde) wanted to encourage them by recognizing their role as “ambassadors” essential to local dynamism. Thanks to this card, residents will be able to benefit from free admission or reductions in many sites when they act as tourist guides in their own way by bringing their loved ones there.

How does it work?

The holder of the “Ambassador” card benefits from an advantage with our partner tourist sites and activities, provided they are accompanied by at least two paying adults. The advantages offered by the Ambassador card cannot be combined with other forms of reduction and do not offer priority access to the entrances to the sites participating in the operation.

The Ambassador Card

Take advantage of the benefits to introduce the destination to those around you!

Is the card free?

Yes, this totally free map is specially created for BBTE residents. You can collect it from your tourist offices upon presentation of proof of address (1 card per household is issued).

Who participates ?

The list of our partners is constantly evolving.
To date, we are pleased to offer you the following offers:


Heaven, my family is coming!

Next weekend, you will take on the role of ambassador of this territory that you love so much and know so well. An ally will allow you to carry out your mission: it's the Ambassador Card!

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