Close to Bordeaux, Royan and on the edge of Charentes-Maritimes, Latitude Nord Gironde condenses into barely 211 km2, a perfect mix of landscapes and tourist activities. This territory with two faces which extends between vineyards and forests, a stone's throw from the Gironde Estuary, welcomes travelers eager for space as well as wine lovers.

Between vineyard and forest

Authentic beauty!

The Latitude Nord Gironde identity

Far from the hectic pace of the city, this territory marked by the presence of the Forêt de la Double which extends to the Dordogne and the Gironde estuary embodies a very singular identity. Added to the charm of the countryside and farming lands are the renowned vineyards of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, and unspoilt nature thanks to the green forests in the north-east of the territory.

On these lands, everyone maintains a deep connection with the land and its artisans and proudly celebrates its richness. Between traditions anchored in everyday life and the serenity of omnipresent nature, your immersion in the heart of the Latitude Nord Gironde territory is an experience imbued with authenticity. The love and appreciation of local heritage is evident at every moment!

Slow as a philosophy

It is in the heart of the Latitude Nord Gironde territory that the concept of “slow” takes on its full meaning. Here, each visitor is welcomed with special attention. In the Tourist Office offices or on the road, in direct contact with residents, the legendary sense of welcome of our region makes all the difference!

To the rhythm of the seasons, Latitude Nord Gironde becomes the ideal refuge for travelers looking to reconnect with nature, to slow down the hectic pace of daily life and to fully savor each moment. 

If exploring the Latitude Nord Gironde territory can be enjoyed all year round, it is in autumn that the forests reveal all their splendor.

Adorned with shimmering colors, the forests allow you total immersion in nature. Where the silence is only broken by the rustling of the leaves, it is not uncommon to feel alone in the world... ideal for recharging your batteries and totally disconnecting.

Latitude Nord Gironde, we love it for…

Our territory offers a diversity of cultural and natural activities, which make Latitude Nord Gironde an attractive French destination where you never get bored!

A little paradise for lovers of outdoor activities nestled on the west coast of France, the Latitude Nord Gironde territory is full of outdoor activities for the whole family and for all tastes! Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, exploring diverse landscapes or simply relaxing by the water, you will find everything you are looking for here. 

It's impossible not to mention the Forêt de la Double, which covers 63% of the territory. With its majestic oak trees and pine forests, it is an essential stop for anyone looking to disconnect from their daily lives.

Our territory is also the ideal playground for thrilling adventures at the Natea adventure park, with activities such as tree climbing, zip lining and paintball…

The vineyards in the south of the region invite you to discover the Blaye Côte de Bordeaux appellation. There you will discover small family properties passed down from generation to generation, witnesses of traditions and centuries-old know-how which are the pride of our territory!

A warm, simple welcome; This is what our winegrowers have to offer you when you visit their land and their cellar. For beginners and experienced enthusiasts, the tasting workshops are an opportunity to explore the aromas and subtleties of the different grape varieties. Guided by our winegrowers, you are in good hands!

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