Natural showcases of the Blaye Bourg Terres d'Estuaire destination, the town of Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde and its surroundings proudly claim their estuarine singularity and the several thousand hectares of marshes which constitute this landscape. Between the territories of Blaye in the South, Charente Maritime in the North, and at the crossroads of the destination's wine hills, the 14 municipalities that make up this territory are at the crossroads of unmissable tourist sites. Intended for all curious travelers, lovers of nature and ecotourism, these wild lands slowly reveal themselves to those who know how to appreciate them and perceive all their complexity!


Between estuary and vineyards

Nature and ecotourism lovers, these wild lands slowly reveal themselves to those who know how to appreciate them!

Terres d’Oiseaux: the ecological showcase of the destination

A major must-see in the heart of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Terres d'Oiseaux ornithological park is home to the Estuaire Tourist Office and covers no less than 120 hectares! Carefully managed, this sanctuary is committed to respecting and preserving local fauna and flora and shelters, in the heart of unspoiled nature, hundreds of species of migratory and sedentary birds.

Self-guided tours or nature activities: here, each visitor discovers a preserved natural heritage at their own pace. The 10 kilometers of trails that wind through this park and the 13 observation posts integrated into the landscape allow you to stroll through developed routes. The systematic accompaniment of nature guides at the beginning and end of the route allows amateur and experienced ornithologists to observe this surprising and constantly changing biodiversity.

The encounter with the territory

“We take the time, or we don’t take it at all!”

From the power of the estuary to the small fishing ports that dot its banks, from the 7000 hectares of marshes to the modest canals that dot the landscape, Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde is a land of contrasts where the infinitely large rubs shoulders with the infinitely small.

It is customary to explore the treasures of Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde alongside the locals, the best ambassadors of their territory! The discovery of all its secrets and its most beautiful nuggets is done through authentic and memorable encounters. Here, there is no question of crossing these lands coldly but rather of fully exploring them to uncover all their treasures.

To do this, we prioritize the quality of experiences over the speed of travel. The numerous hiking trails, the Canal des Deux Mers cycle route or excursions on the water are all ways to explore the local landscapes in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

A living destination

Behind the apparent calm and tranquility lies a rich cultural and associative life, which brings together thousands of visitors every year! It's hard to get bored: cultural festivals, open-air concerts and art exhibitions are added to the hundreds of nature events organized throughout the year.

Rock music lovers, look no further, the Black Bass Festival arrives every summer! Organized for 10 years by a group of enthusiasts, this unmissable musical event takes place every year in the heart of the Blayais marshes. Air Guitar Competition and Karnaj Oké (giant karaoke) are all highlights of the festival which are added to a carefully prepared program. Finally, even if the unmistakable “rock festival – beer” marriage is there, the winegrowers who are partners of the event do not fail to let you taste the fruit of their work on the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux stand!

For gourmets, The Asparagus Festival every year at the end of April, celebrates the terroir and highlights this emblematic vegetable of the region through events, tastings and gourmet markets.

The Festival of the port of Cplombs, July 14, is a lively celebration highlighting local maritime heritage, bringing the community together around festive events and nautical demonstrations. 

Want a little magic? The Night of the Squares, on August 15, offers a unique experience, illuminating the traditional squares above the estuary, creating a magical atmosphere.

Not to spoil anything, the cultural and artistic dimension of this territory is proudly claimed thanks to the Arts Trails, offering an immersive experience through a creative journey bringing together recognized talents and monumental pictorial works.

Everything you need to know about Saint-Ciers and its surroundings

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