Are you passing through the Blaye Bourg Terres d'Estuaire destination and you don't know where to start? Even though our territory brings together a rich cultural, natural and historical heritage, and numerous breathtaking panoramas, we racked our brains and debated at length to concoct for you, with all our heart, a top 8 of the greatest must-sees of the territory !

The Citadel of Blaye – A UNESCO-listed treasure!

Immerse yourself in history through the imposing ramparts of the Citadel of Blaye, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Near Bordeaux, majestically overlooking the Gironde estuary, this strategically positioned 17th century fortress is one of three forts that make up the famous Verrou Vauban and testifies to the historical importance of the territory.

Notice to history lovers and architectural heritage enthusiasts: entry to the Blaye citadel is free and you can take part in guided tours through the underground for a fee. To end your visit to the city in style, we recommend that you wait patiently for sunset to admire, from the ramparts of the citadel, one of the most beautiful panoramas of the destination.

The citadel of Blaye UNESCO

A UNESCO site open all year round and free!

The Gallo-Roman villa of Plassac – Journey into Antiquity

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We will meet you at ancient village of Plassac to discover an authentic Gallo-Roman villa! This superbly well-preserved archaeological site reveals remains dating from the 2nd century and allows you to imagine the daily life of the inhabitants of this villa in the Roman era.

The Plassac Museum which adjoins the archaeological site exhibits other remains (tools, coins, ceramics, etc.) and even offers a 3D tour of the villa.

Blaye Tourist Office

Phone: 05 57 42 12 09

Bourg sur Gironde – Medieval charm by the water

Continue your journey through the ages by going to Bourg, a small medieval village with picturesque charm! Nestled on the banks of the Dordogne, at the top of a rocky peak, Bourg extends along its narrow streets, between the upper town and the lower town linked together by a succession of small staircases.

Admire the impressive covered wash house and the gardens of the citadel, stroll the market square and meet the artisans who are the pride of this village... In Bourg, we explore the eras and take the time to live!

The Pair-non-Pair cave – A journey into prehistory

To go back in time, explore the Pair-non-Pair Cave, a fascinating witness to prehistory! This cavity houses rock drawings engraved on the stone, more than 30 years old... enough to satisfy archeology enthusiasts! Accompanied by a guide, you will learn to distinguish the representation of an impressive bestiary on the walls. Mammoths, bison, horses and ibexes are all messages left by our ancestors and frozen in the rock for millennia.

Bourg Cubzaguais Tourist Office

Phone: 05 57 68 31 76

Terres d’Oiseaux – Natural sanctuary on the edge of the estuary

Ornithological sanctuary located on the edge of an estuary, Land of Birds is an exceptional refuge for a variety of migratory and sedentary birds. Walk the trails, observe the birds in their natural habitat and soak up the serenity of this preserved place which will be discovered and tamed by the most patient! Here in Gironde, the notion of slow takes on its full meaning. Careful observation of wildlife and peaceful walks will be on the program of your excursion, on a self-guided tour or during the many workshops offered.

St Ciers sur Gironde Tourist Office

Phone: 05 57 32 88 88


Ornithological park Bird lands

A nature reserve which offers a wide choice of activities: 05 57 32 88 88.

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The Double Forest

Natural jewel of our territory, protected by a Natura 2000 convention, the double forest offers a wide variety of nature activities all year round! Gentle walks throughout the seasons, educational activities or thrills: there is something for everyone and the whole family...

The icing on the cake: each action developed here is part of an eco-responsible approach to preserving fauna and flora!

Latitude Nord Gironde Tourist Office

Phone: 05 57 58 47 79

The Gironde Estuary – Dazzling meeting of waters

The beating heart of our territory,Estuary of the Gironde is a must-see that you are sure to come across on your route! With its 80 meters long, observable from space, it is the largest estuary in Europe and has marked the history of our region for millennia. Prosperity of civilizations, economic development, military issues, preservation of rich biodiversity at the heart of an ecosystem between forests and marshes...

We barely have time to catch our breath before we still have to talk about the capital role of the Gironde Estuary for several hours! If you don't know where to start, admire it from the heights of the Corniche road, an itinerary not to be missed… him too!

The vineyard

Impossible to visit the Blaye Bourg Terres d'Estuaire destination without discovering its vineyard! Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, Cotes de Bourg ou Bordeaux-Bordeaux Supérieur : each of our three appellations proudly bear the values ​​of our terroir! Here, we don't taste wine on the fly: we share a friendly aperitif with the winegrowers, we sit at their table, we visit their land, and we celebrate wine during our emblematic festivals!

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