In the heart of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, built on the banks of the Gironde between the towns of Blaye and Bordeaux, the village of Bourg is an essential stopover on the Corniche road. Nestled at the top of a rocky peak, this unique village full of charm and steeped in history never ceases to surprise you! Sweetness of life, impressive historical and cultural heritage, spectacular panoramas: the village of Bourg lives up to its promises!

A little piece of history on the banks of the Gironde

With a unique topography and an impregnable position on the waters of the Gironde, the village of Bourg has long been a major river port and a strategic commercial center on the edge of the estuary. 

A walk with breathtaking views of the banks of the Dordogne is offered to you from the “French-style” gardens of the Château de la Citadelle, a neoclassical house, formerly a fortified castle.

Bourg is classified as an “old village”

Between the upper town and the lower town, the village is crossed by the Roy staircase and its 97 steps spread over several levels.

The history of Bourg, which has shaped the village over time, is revealed through its well-preserved remains. The 13th century Jurade, the medieval ramparts and the gates of yesteryear tell the fascinating chapters of a turbulent past. Bourg stone, an emblematic material of the village, bears witness to local history and elegantly shapes the architecture of the village.

From its rocky peak overlooking the Dordogne, Bourg is one of the most beautiful places to contemplate, all year round, breathtaking sunsets on the waters of the Gironde!

Discovery activities

History enthusiasts, art lovers, travelers in search of serenity: the village of Bourg is small in size, but large in the scope of its discovery activities!

A village to discover on foot or by bike

What do we like about Bourg? It's the ease with which everything can be explored on foot or by bike (and that's good, our Tourist Office rents electric bikes !). The village, with its compact layout, allows you to move freely, discover its most remote corners and fully immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. Leave your car in peace and fully enjoy this peaceful getaway.

An exciting story

A true open-air museum, the village can be discovered little by little, as you walk, and will satisfy visitors keen on medieval history. Its historic center, the Château de la Citadelle with his museum, the Saint-Géronce church and its ramparts offer an insight into the history of the region. 

Artists and craftsmen on street corners

Although modest in size, Bourg is also home to a rich cultural heritage and numerous artistic initiatives which tend to promote local contemporary artists and enliven the village all year round! From the Contemporary Art Gallery to workshops like theHands in the Earth Workshop, exhibitions, festivals and local artistic events, it's easy to immerse yourself in the local culture!

Our ideas for exploring Bourg

The Bourg Tourist Office is full of recommendations for exploring the village and its surroundings! Family tours allow young and old to discover the hidden treasures of the village, while outdoor enthusiasts can opt for electric bike rides.

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Welcome to the South West!

At the water's edge, on the terrace, at a winegrower's or during events, our gastronomy can be enjoyed as you wish...

Tasty gastronomy

Want to taste the local gastronomy like real Bourquais (kind of the inhabitants of Bourg)? 

Don't miss out on exploring the Sunday morning market, under the covered market, an essential activity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the village and soak up the friendly atmosphere that reigns there! It is between these colorful stalls that you will discover regional products and all the talent of our local producers.

The art of living in Bourg also means taking the time to savor the present moment. So, how about enjoying a drink at the Cellar Villa Burgus, a stone's throw from the market? This charming boutique offers you numerous wine references from the region but also from other countries.

If after this step you feel a little peckish, settle down without hesitation on the sunny terraces of the village restaurants.

The Fig of Bourg

Did you know ? Figue de Bourg is a specialty made from candied fig, fig liqueur, chocolate and almond paste. Made for decades in Bourg, you will find it at Blanleil Pastry, rue du 4 September.


Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée

White and red make Côtes de Bourg an internationally renowned terroir.

In the heart of the Côtes de Bourg

Just a stone's throw from Bordeaux, the Cotes de Bourg offers you a whole range of wines to taste, for your greatest pleasure, and exceptional wine properties to visit.

Notice to amateur or experienced oenophiles: don't miss the Maison du Vin des Côtes de Bourg, where you can taste local wines in a friendly and picturesque setting! Also meet our winegrowers directly at the property who will be happy to show you their cellars and taste their wines.

Contact the Bourg Tourist Office

Tel. : + 33 (0) 5 57 68 31 76


Address: 1 place de l’Eperon 33710 Bourg

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