Located in the heart of New Aquitaine, on the edge of the Gironde estuary and very close to Bordeaux, the town of Blaye and its citadel enjoy a strategic geographical position, between traditional wine-growing lands and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Blayais is an essential stopover for those who want to escape and discover the treasures of the region. In the heart of the town of Blaye where life is so good, every street corner is a piece of history, each landscape an emotion, each glass of wine a part of our terroir.

The citadel of Blaye UNESCO

At the heart of the epic sung in the Song of Roland, the City of Blaye emerged a long time ago as a sacred refuge on the road to Santiago de Compostela. A true heritage gem, Blaye today reveals an incredibly rich heritage!

At its heart, the majestic citadel of Blaye, built by the military engineer Vauban in the 2008th century, sits proudly, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since XNUMX. The imposing ramparts of this strategic fortress offer a breathtaking view of the estuary. of the Gironde, and also demonstrate the crucial role of the citadel in the defense of the region.

Accessible free of charge, the Citadel of Blaye allows visitors to explore independently and wander at their own pace through its ramparts and cobbled streets. For history lovers looking for an in-depth understanding of this major site of the Vauban lock, guided tours through the underground are also offered and offer specialized insights into its remarkable history and architecture.

“Any city besieged by Vauban, city taken, Every city defended by Vauban, impregnable city. »

The Citadel of Blaye

A site signed by Vauban, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, offering exceptional panoramas over the Gironde estuary.

The Gironde estuary

From the town of Blaye, facing Bordeaux and Pauillac, the Gironde estuary offers an unmissable spectacle that can be discovered both on foot and by bike.

From the ramparts of the Blaye citadel, the panorama reveals a striking vision of this vast estuary, the meeting point of the waters of the Garonne and the Dordogne before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the water, each walk is a new opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the Blayais landscapes. An ideal starting point for a discovery of the Gironde estuary that is both contemplative and active, Blaye also promises the lucky ones some unforgettable sunsets over the estuary. The Citadel is a privileged gateway allowing visitors to explore the picturesque streets of Blaye before venturing onto Bikeway which crosses the vineyard. 

The new town

Mentioned in the Song of Roland, the City of Blaye is a stopover on the way to Santiago de Compostela and experienced significant growth thanks to its commercial port in the 18th century.

The old medieval town gives way to the citadel of Vauban while the new town extends at the foot of the fortress, now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site within the Vauban network with Fort Pâté and Fort Médoc.

Want to stroll? The traditional market organized twice a week in the heart of the shopping street of the Blaye citadel is also an opportunity to discover the flavors of a local region. The lanes preserve traces of the city's glorious past and offer a permanent art exhibition of paintings and photographs installed on the city walls.


Heritage and new town

Set off to discover the pilgrims, privateers and traders who contributed to the development of Blaye using the city circuit!

Free and open access at the tourist office.

Walking tour in the city


Commented walk along the estuary at the foot of the ramparts

Discover the history of the Gironde estuary, its fauna, its flora and its economic appeal by walking along the river at the foot of the ramparts of the citadel.



Le Marché

For a successful picnic on the glacis of the citadel, the market is the ideal place to discover our local products! It is the culinary showcase of our territory!

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The Estuary Cave

The estuary cellar is the ideal place for an aperitif with friends on market days! It is also a shop where you can find wines and spirits and a tapas bar where you can meet for a drink in the evening.

Contact the Cave de l’estuaire


Address:  1 Bis Cours Vauban, 33390 Blaye

Site : Estuary Cave

The Blayais vineyards

Not content with containing a remarkable historical and natural heritage, the picturesque village of Blaye is ideally located alongside renowned vineyards such as Médoc, Saint Émilion and Cognac, and shines through the appellations Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux et Cotes de Bourg renowned for their exceptional wine.

Here, no complicated formality or pompous etiquette. Taste a good wine is an experience accessible to all, it is above all a matter of generosity and sharing!

The estates that dot the Blayais territory are all doors open to a wine experience marked by simplicity and authenticity. Meet our passionate winegrowers, visit their vineyard, eat at their table, taste the fruit of their labor.

Each experience offered is an opportunity to learn more about this centuries-old know-how in constant evolution, to understand the art of tasting and to explore the subtleties of each grape variety and blend.

The Blaye Wine House

This Blayaise institution allows you to discover the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation and find little treasures at the same price as at the property!


Contact the Maison des Vins:


Address: 12 Cours Vauban, 33390 Blaye

website: The Blaye wine house


Contact the Blaye Tourist Office


Email: info@tourisme-blaye.com

Address: 1 Place de la Citadelle, 33390 Blaye

Everything you need to know about Blaye and its surroundings

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