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Cultural Heritage

Village ancien de Plassac


Plassac is an ancient village located 5 km to the south of Blaye and its citadel, and at the beginning of the Route de la Corniche, a picturesque road which runs alongside the Gironde Estuary. In the 1stcentury AD, a Gallo-Roman villa was built overlooking the river. By the 5thcentury, two other palaces were constructed, whose remains can still be seen today. As you stroll through the small streets, you can admire artwork in the form of contemporary mosaics created by local artist Emilie Baudrais and by the local inhabitants: a boat at the port, a frame on the sea wall, a picture next to the museum and another beside the tennis court. The Port of Plassac was extremely busy in the 18thand 19thcenturies. The beautiful homes built of hewn stone bear witness to that activity. The Virgin of Montuzet, perched on the heights above the village, offers an amazing view of the Gironde Estuary.

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